Research & Professional Learning

We are continually undertaking quantitative and qualitative research projects to gain insights
that will help education leaders everywhere to build better school workforces.

State of the Sector Report

Our State of the Sector (SoS) report collates qualitative sentiment data from over 150 State, Catholic and Independent sector Principals from across Australia to explore the workforce issues which leaders believe represent the greatest opportunities and the greatest workforce challenges to Australian schools. 

Comparing your own experience of workforce leadership against the SoS findings is a great place to start your school’s next workforce strategy and planning activities.  

School Workforce TIDE Report

Our School Workforce Tracking Insights, Data & Evidence (TIDE) Report is a deep dive into the workforce issues we’ve found among schools who access our platform, and the relationships between workforce characteristics and student outcomes.  

The aim of this report is to use quantitative analysis to shed light on which workforce factors are most important for school leaders to attend to, as they make decisions and plan for the future of their school. 

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Professional Learning Resources

Our platform offers access to case studies, blog posts, video content and contributions sourced from leading educators, experts and researchers, as well as collaborators from across our Community of Practice