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Building a new domain of knowledge and
developing insight through research.

Welcome to the Community

The lifeblood of PeopleBench is our Community of Practice. Bringing together educational leaders, researchers and data and workforce specialists, our Community of Practice unites passionate leaders across the education sector with our shared aspiration: to make a difference in workforce management, delivering better outcomes for staff and students.

PeopleBench is more than a clever analytics tool and the PeopleBench Community of Practice is more than just a network. Together we are building a new domain of knowledge, developing insight through research. In addition to connecting principals, system leaders, human resource specialists and researchers, our CoP establishes a new standard for benchmarking education workforce information, providing an invaluable resource for measuring performance and supporting decision making.

By developing an extensive knowledge base, we can generate insights that no one school or system could access individually. Through regular sharing of practice, we can identify what makes the most difference, and apply that to your learning context. Working together we can maximise impact and transform school workforces. As a member of the PeopleBench Community of Practice, you are invited to participate in a way that will benefit you most. Your contribution will make a difference not only to your school, but also to the broader education community, helping “all boats rise”.

How you can contribute

As a Member (free):

  • Participate in the State of the Sector Survey in August each year and receive our summary analysis
  • Receive PeopleBench quarterly updates and invitations to Insights events;
  • Join our Global Online community, accessing our network of members.

As a Subscriber (paid - see our plans):

  • Have full access to all of our research reports and to our online benchmarking tool and start to improve your workforce strategy, planning and management for your community
  • Contribute your data to the national research database and make a difference to schools everywhere
  • Participate in the State of the Sector Survey each year and receive our summary analysis
  • Receive PeopleBench quarterly updates and invitations to Insights events;
  • Join our Global Online community, accessing our network of members.

As a Collaborator (volunteer):

  • Apply to represent State, Independent or Catholic Schools on one of our National Advisory Committees.
  • Work with the PeopleBench team to provide critical feedback and identify directions for future research;
  • Contribute to developing to the knowledge base to be shared with other members of the community of practice.

Our Collaborative Innovation Process

We believe that research should live in the real world, not on a dusty bookshelf. Our approach to creating new knowledge and adding value to the education sector’s conversation about creating the best possible school workforces is based on harvesting the wisdom and experience of our Community of Practice. We bring together experts from educational leadership, behavioural science and workforce economics, and as a member of the CoP, you help set the agenda so that our research helps to solve the workforce challenges that are front-of mind in your school.

PeopleBench, through its Community of Practice, is also establishing an Advisory Committee comprised of key partners from education, human resources, information technology and communications disciplines. This group will play a vital role in ensuring that information from members and the needs of the community are realised in future research directions and development of the PeopleBench platform.

The benefit to all members of the PeopleBench CoP is belonging to a united group of leaders who are passionate about their work and contributing to a body of research that transforms educational workforce: building a new base of information to support decision making; developing insight through research and collaboration; and maximising impact by making confident and informed decisions based on research and evidence. Working together to benefit all learners.

Our Existing

Dr Pat Coughlan
Executive Director
Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

Jim Midgley
Director, Learning & Teaching,
Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

Peter Simpson
Director, HR & Organisational Development
Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

Terry Carter
Senior Manager, Teaching & Learning
Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

Natalie Hardgrave
Manager, Human Resources Operations
Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

Jacqui Francis
Executive Director,
Townsville Catholic Education Office

Jennifer Blackshaw
Director, Organisational Services,
Townsville Catholic Education Office

Amanda Reed
Human Resources Manager
Townsville Catholic Education Office

Dr Daniel Pampuch
Christian Schools Australia

Dr Darren Iselin
Executive Officer (Qld) National Tertiary Partnerships & Research
Christian Schools Australia

School Workforce Research

Our State of the Sector (SoS) Report collates the input of over 150 State, Catholic and Independent sector Principals from across Australia to explore the workforce issues which pose the greatest opportunities and the greatest challenges to Australian schools.

Comparing your own experience of workforce leadership against the SoS findings is a great place to start your school’s next workforce strategy and planning phase.

Enter your details below and download our State of the Sector Report.