Advisory & Support Services

Helping schools with
strategy, organisation design and change.

Examining and benchmarking
your school’s workforce data
can help you identify current
or emerging gaps in your
workforce supply, structure
or capability.

This is a good thing – it’s the first step towards addressing these challenges and enhancing your school’s performance. Acting on these insights can be tricky, though, so PeopleBench provides customised advisory and support services to help schools design and implement initiatives which help schools, Boards and systems to address:

School/system strategy

Making sure you’re headed in the right direction to deliver the best possible educational opportunities to students

Workforce Planning

Determining the workforce needs of the future and mapping out how you’re going to attract, develop and retain the ideal workforce

Organisational Design

Ensuring you’ve got the right structure, with the right positions and the right capability to deliver the strategy

Individual and Team Resilience

Building the capacity for school and system leaders to sustain high performance and wellbeing throughout times of significant change and increased stress (both facts of life in the education sector).

We understand that running a high-performing school is a delicate balance of both art and science– that’s why we draw both on our database and our extensive experience consulting to government, religious systemic and independent schools when providing advice to educators.

School Workforce Research

Our State of the Sector (SoS) Report collates the input of over 150 State, Catholic and Independent sector Principals from across Australia to explore the workforce issues which pose the greatest opportunities and the greatest challenges to Australian schools.

Comparing your own experience of workforce leadership against the SoS findings is a great place to start your school’s next workforce strategy and planning phase.

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