Better planning, better decisions: the benefits of workforce analytics in schools

Workforce analytics tools have long been used in a number of industry sectors, but their use in the education system has generally been limited.

Dr Vicki Cameron, chief education officer at PeopleBench, says while schools have made use of data analytics in relation to student data, workforce-related data has generally not been available to them.

“School principals and leaders have come through the education system, so they generally don’t have the knowledge about the workforce and HR data analytics and benchmarking that’s available,” she says.

In this interview Cameron takes us through the key workforce factors that schools should be measuring – including professional development, demographic, employment type, and entry and exit data – and the positive impact this information can have on better planning and decision-making that benefits school and their students.

A former school principal herself, Cameron says having this kind of information at hand would have made a “huge” difference for her.

“When I was a school principal I was searching for something like this.”

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