ACEL Wrap Up!

Team PB is back to business as usual after a wonderful three days at the ACEL conference last week!

Lovely to see so many familiar, friendly faces from across Australia and meet some truly interesting new folks. We say this often, but educators continue to amaze us with their ingenuity and dedication to advancing outcomes for Australian students, and Vision and Voice seemed a perfect theme to capture the mood of the gathering this year. 

Chief Research & Insights Officer, Mike Hennessy has commented that keynote presenters encouraged the enthusiasm of the crowd. “The Australian Education sector is evidently committed to making change for the better, and educators continue to inspire us with their dedication to advancing education outcomes for Australian students.”

ACEL had presentations by global education thought leaders such as Dr Todd Whitaker, Michael Fullan, Professor Alma Harris, Victoria Brownlee and many more that inspired the group of education leaders that came across the country to attend the event.

“I was inspired to hear some crucial conversations about how best to support schools to use the data they already have collect and access. As Associate Professor Mark Rickinson put it: successful evidence-based practice depends on the quality of the use, not just the quality of the evidence.”

Mike Hennessy also presented at the ACEL conference, speaking about the importance of supporting school leaders to make high quality workforce decisions and encouraging them to extract greater value from the workforce data they already collect. 

We at PeopleBench are certainly excited to play our part in working with education leaders in making data driven, evidence based decisions to manage their schools and we feel very lucky to have played a part at this important event, connecting with so many likeminded people who are looking for ways to share our mission in transforming education to produce better outcomes for students and school communities!

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