PeopleBench: A Manifesto

PeopleBench: A Manifesto

As the saying goes, a picture paints 1,000 words. Knowing this, we couldn’t think of a better way to explain our manifesto than through video. 

As a society, we ask a lot of our school leaders. 

We expect them to be subject matter experts in their educational field, drawing on deep knowledge and experience of pedagogy and curriculum. We expect them to be masterful risk managers with often single-point accountability for a dizzying portfolio of financial, social, emotional and physical risks to their student population, staff and physical assets. We expect them to deftly manage relationships with a broad customer base of parents and community stakeholders in a culture of increasing expectations for both performance and availability around the clock.

On top of all this, we expect our Principals, who have earned their standing in the community through distinguished careers as classroom teachers, to make significant decisions about a range of workforce factors which are increasingly complex.

At PeopleBench, our research and hands-on experience in HR management and psychology within organisations shows us that workforce decisions are not easy. Even the most esteemed leaders can feel like they’re flying blind when it comes to shaping the future of their workforce, but it doesn’t have to be this way – that’s why we’re here.PeopleBench collaborates with school and school system leaders, empowering them  to make workforce decisions easier and more confidently by harnessing the power of their workforce data.

By placing people at the heart of school performance, our mission is to enable the best teaching workforces in the world, one workforce decision at a time.

Together with our collaborators, we are interested to understand:

  1. What are the features of a contemporary K/P-12 School workforce which most significantly impact the outcomes we achieve for, and with, the students in our classrooms every year?
  2. How can system and school leaders better manage their school workforces to do their very best in each of the areas we know to be most important?, and
  3. What are the key strategic and operational issues that school leaders face when it comes to leading their school workforces?

Our aim is to create an evidence base to supplement the intuitions and wisdom which leaders in the sector already draw upon when making decisions about school workforces. Recently, we launched our benchmarking platform which allows schools to easily and privately get an understanding of where their school’s workforce sits in a national context, compared to a customised peer group of similar schools and the schools in our sample which achieve the greatest improvements in outcomes for their students (click here for more info about this exciting new tool).  

We plan to extend our research both in scope and in scale, and we’re looking for school leaders to join us by:

  • Participating in our National Insights Report, an annual research initiative exploring the shape of Australian school workforces and the connections between workforce characteristics and student outcomes. Find out more here: www.peoplebench.com/insights
  • Becoming a part of our Community of Practice – subscribe for updates on our workshops, events and research as they are released.
  • Getting in touch with us to find out more – You can call us on 07 3844 0124 email hello@peoplebench.com.au or book a time that suits you for us to give you a call using our online meeting booking link.

We look forward to inviting more schools to join us in making education sector workforces stronger, together.

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