PeopleBench Launch Day!

Today is the day.

The day we become more than just a research collaboration with confidential bespoke research findings.

The day we genuinely become a national workforce research, analytics and benchmarking service for any school, in any sector, in any place across the country. Today we proudly and publicly launch our PeopleBench school workforce benchmarking platform.

Commenced as a research collaboration with schools in the Catholic sector in 2017, our fabulous Community of Practice have co-designed our data collection approach and helped us to build something of real value to help Principals make better-informed decisions about their school workforces as part of their ongoing school improvement journey.

Using a data science approach, we are improving the way decisions about school workforce strategy, planning and operations are made. We are building and sharing insights, and we are contributing to the professional development emerging as critical to support Principals and their leadership teams in managing the ever increasingly complex world of building and retaining excellent school workforces.

We could not be more grateful for the opportunity to serve the sector in this manner and for the thought leadership and willingness to innovate shown by leaders like Daniel Pampuch, Jacqui Francis and Pat Coughlan – who see a world beyond their own systems and their own schools to an ever better future for students everywhere across the country. You are each an absolute inspiration to the team and me, and we are incredibly grateful for the chance to work with you all.

We are also grateful for our amazing Board and advisors – Tania Philips, Ben Sorensen Richard Edmonds, Melanie MacDonald, and Trent Todd. Thank you for encouraging us to persist through the hurdles to this point – your expertise in a wide range of disciplines has been invaluable in bringing our ideas to life.

To the team making this solution a reality each day – Graeme Caplan, Ian Apuli, Mike Hennessy, Paul Easton, Samantha Parker, Eoin Kennedy, Rachel Petryszyn – you are all amazing and I cannot wait to see what we do together next.

Happy Launch Day PeopleBench platform. I’m so glad you’ve arrived.

Fleur Johnston
CEO PeopleBench

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  1. Congratulations Fleur! This sounds like an amazing project. Please let me know if there is any way that Logan Together can get involved – our metrics are based on working with schools (plus all government departments and agencies), parents and and the services sector to close the gap on AEDC results for Logan children with Queensland results. We do this through collaboration, partnerships, innovation and on the ground projects. V

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