Empowering educators to make better workforce decisions
for their schools.

We’re here to take the guesswork
out of school workforce strategy and decision making.

School leaders need more than good intuition

The education sector is great at collecting and storing operational and performance data, but when it comes to harnessing this data to design workforce strategies and improve student outcomes, school leaders have been operating on gut instinct 

To build better workforces, you can’t rely on intuition alone; you need a trusted evidence base to inform and defend your decision-making. 

PeopleBench is tipping old narratives and assumptions about school workforces on their heads. We provide real evidence for educators to inform and defend school workforce strategy and decision making. 

Benchmarking Tool

We’ve created a benchmarking tool to show schools where they sit on the workforce things that are important; where they need to improve, where they’re doing well and how they’re progressing over time, relative to relevant peers. By deidentifying data and holding it safe, we’re breaking down silos and removing barriers to insight for school leaders to share and implement best practice 

Research & Professional Learning

Access the latest research, reports and insights from the PeopleBench team and our growing network of school leaders through our Community of Practice. 


PeopleBench offers consulting services to assist with strategic workforce planning, organisational design, strategy and change. We also design and deliver bespoke workforce strategy training programs.  

Together, we can transform education by building better school workforces for the benefit of our students

Through our ongoing research and the power of data-science, we are unlocking the deep wisdom of educators, behavioural scientists and workforce experts across the country to tap into new insights. Together, we are learning how to build the best school workforces in the world. 

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